Instagram Growth Engine: Follow Block Update

Did you recently get a "Action Block" or "Unable to Follow an account" on Instagram

Until now, we have been relying on the high Instagram limits for active accounts with follow and a process of unfollowing, based on engagement from a targeted user.

Instagram Changes
On the 7th June 2019, Instagram rolled out a change to the amount of “follow" activity an account can do in any 30 day period. This was about half of our daily activity for most accounts. The result was an instant follow block for many of our customers. Not everyone was affected but around 90% of our client base. Following Instagram's roll out, our support desk was swamped with concerned customers, and rightly so. We are all eager to grow our following and ask questions when it is not happening.

The action we have taken
In the background, we have paused all activities on every account for all customers for a period of four days. Due to the nature of Instagram's communication, we did not know if it was a policy change, a bug, or a bigger issue. To protect our customer accounts this was the course of action we considered the safest. This limit change has now been communicated, and although public pressure will likely see it removed again, it is currently set at 6000 follows per month. Likes, story views, mentions comments and DM's are not effected.

When will the block be lifted
The good news is, the block will lift when your account falls below 6000 follows in 30 days. You do not need to take any action. We are actively monitoring every account and will resume activity when you fall below 5800 (this difference gives you space to still follow people yourself).

How will we achieve growth in the future
We have spent the past four days, testing, trialing and experimenting with a lower follow limit and we have identified strategies that continue to produce good results. These include expanding audiences in similar interests, then focusing on the ones that are achieving success, while resuming actively with likes and story views. We will continue to adjust and improve on things until we're into our growth range of 50-150 per day.

What if I was not Blocked

Firstly do not be alarmed, some accounts were not effected, including new accounts that signed up within the last two weeks. We have simply adjusted all accounts to ensure everyone remains under the new limit threshold. Again, you do not need to take any action. 

In Summary, no accounts are in danger of being banned.

Instagram applied this to everyone, which is tens of millions of Instagram accounts. We've spent many hours trying to find a solution for our customers, and with strong public outcry Instagram may increase this limit sooner. But it looks like for now the new limit is a hard limit and can not be exceeded for the time being.

Our support team has been working overtime to answer questions and provide updates and I do hope this update will help you to understand the situation at hand and also encourage your patience and kindness with our team as we receive thousands of enquiries.
Thank you for riding this out with us, our team is 100% here to support you and we are committed to finding the best growth for our valued customers.

Warmest Regards