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Facebook ads monthly management for brands and personalities (3-5 products)

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We create ads that convert. 

Are you a brand or personality who wants to increase your exposure with Facebook ads?

We have been building our brand store on Facebook for years. We're really good at it. Well, you found us here . . . didn't you? 

Our specialist team of facebook advertisers will find out what is special about your product and create ads which convert. We will then find the right audiences to show these to and optimise your campaigns to generate a positive return on your investment. 

Once you set us up, there's no more work for you to do. We do the rest. 

This is how it works: 

Week 1

Our team creates initial unique video content for each product (videos have 3 x higher click-through rates than static images).

We create initial audiences and test them against each product, keeping them broad to maximize the lifetime value of the campaign.

We check your Facebook business account and Shopify store, and if required install your Pixel & Create your Facebook Page (for installation of Pixel and Page Creation small one-time fee of $100 applies).

We launch the campaign to ideal demographics on an agreed starting budget (usually $10 per day, per ad set).

We collect data and test the audiences against each other (A/B testing).

We provide a 2-minute loom video of the setup process and our ad creative and copy for your review.

Week 2

At the end of week 1 we have collected sufficient data to pick the winning audiences and product. At this stage, we will move the winning product to the next phase.

Our team will create 3 new videos of the winning product and A/B/C test them against the winning audiences.

We continue audience testing against income, age, and gender to better focus campaign spend.

We provide another update via Loom during week 2.

Week 3

This week is focused on further demographic split testing and finding the best results for a scalable campaign.

Once a clear winner is identified, Look A Like (LLA) audiences are created and tested.

We provide another update via Loom during week 3.

Week 4

More audience discovery from Look a Like audience and testing new audiences. Audiences are key to successful Facebook Ad campaigns.

Once we have identified the winning product, winning demographic and winning creative, we move onto create a product-specific landing page within your Shopify store and begin sending the quality traffic to the page. We ask you to provide a report-building video in which we help you establish authority as the business owner (or we can create it for you for a fee).

Finally and once we have all of the above working well, we scale and introduce other products. The following weeks and months are focused on returning maximum profit and optimizing ads to achieve the best returns for money spent.

If your chosen products did not reach a profitable ROI, we get started on new ones and repeat weeks 2-4 again.