5 Tips to Help You Get 4000 hours  of Watch Time on YouTube

5 Tips to Help You Get 4000 hours of Watch Time on YouTube

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5 Tips to Help You Get 4000 Watch Time on YouTube

If you want to make money on YouTube, you’ll need to have a lot of viewers watching your videos. And if you want to have a lot of viewers watching your videos, you’ll need to have a lot of watch time. That’s because YouTube has recently changed its monetization policy, and now only channels that have at least 4000 hours of watch time within the last 12 months will be able to earn ad revenue.

So how can you get 4000 watch time on YouTube? Here are some tips to help you start growing your viewership and begin earning money from your videos:

1. Focus on quality content.

Quality is always more important than quantity, and this rings true when it comes to creating engaging YouTube videos. Instead of trying to crank out as many videos as possible, take the time to produce high quality content that you know your viewers will enjoy. This could be making creative videos using special effects, doing thorough research on a topic, or simply shooting and editing your videos in a way that makes them stand out from other creators.

You could take more time to produce a single high-quality video but the views and the time people could watch your videos could grow exponentially if you produce high quality content that is well-received by your viewers.

be always mindful of your viewers’ preferences and interests. Find out what types of videos they like, what format they prefer to watch (longform or shortform), etc. Offering a variety of different styles and formats can help you build a loyal following that keeps coming back for more.

2. Optimize your videos for search engines.

If you want to increase the number of people finding and watching your videos, it’s important to have your videos showing up in search engine results. This can be done by including relevant keywords in your video titles, descriptions, and tags, as well as including high-quality thumbnails that accurately represent your videos.

Take the time to do some research on the keywords and tags that are most relevant to your content. There are tools available online, such as Google AdWords Keyword Planner or YTCockpit, that will help you find the best keywords and tags to use for your videos.

3. Collaborate with other YouTubers.

One of the best ways to grow your watch time and gain more viewers is by forming partnerships with other YouTube creators. You can reach out to other creators in your niche who are just starting out or who already have a large following, and offer to collaborate on a project together. This will not only expose you to new audiences, but it will also help you grow your own following.

If you’re just starting out, try collaborating with YouTubers who have a similar subscriber base to yours or are at a similar level in their YouTube careers. This will give you the most bang for your buck and enable both of you to grow together.

If you have no idea of the kind of things you can do with other Youtubers here are some ideas:

–Create a challenge video where you and another creator each create a video based on the same theme or topic. You could then post these videos back to back, allowing your viewers to choose which one they like best.

–Collaborate on an in-depth “tutorial” video where you both share your best tips and techniques for creating engaging YouTube content.

–Create a video series where you interview other creators about their experiences with growing their channels and building an audience on YouTube. This could be especially helpful for newer YouTubers who are trying to get started.

4. Create playlists of related videos for viewers to watch after they finish one of yours.

One way to engage your viewers and keep them coming back for more is by creating playlists of related content that they can watch after watching one of your videos. This could be a playlist of similar tutorials or demonstration videos, or a collection of inspirational or entertaining content that you think your audience will enjoy.

You can also feature other creators’ videos in your own playlists, which can help you build connections with other YouTubers and grow your audience. Just be sure to only include high-quality content that is relevant to what you are creating.

To create a playlist on YouTube, simply log in to your account and select “create a new playlist.” Then give your playlist a name, add the videos you want to include, and set the privacy settings for your playlist.

5. Use end screens and cards to promote other videos on your videos.

Another way to engage your current viewers and keep them coming back for more is by using end screens and cards on your YouTube videos. These features allow you to add clickable links at the end of your video, which can be used to promote other content from your channel or direct viewers to another video of yours that they might be interested in watching.

End screens and cards are easy to add to your videos, and they can help you increase your watch time, grow your audience, and boost your revenue stream. To use them, simply log in to YouTube and go to the Video Manager section of your account. From there, select the video you want to add an end screen or card to, and then choose “End screen & Annotations” or “Cards.” From there, you can easily add the links you want to include in your end screens or cards, and customize them as needed.

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If you’re looking to increase viewership and watch time on your YouTube channel, try out these five strategies. Keep in mind that it takes consistency and quality content to grow a successful YouTube channel. If you need help getting started or don’t have the time to commit to growing your channel, check out our Youtube services at www.socialgrowthengine.com. We can help you get monetized and grow your brand on YouTube.

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