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How To Get Your Instagram Posts On The Explore Page?

Ger your Instagram posts on the explore page
Do you want your Instagram photos to be at the top of Instagram? If so, there are a few things you need to do. Instagram is constantly changing and evolving, which means that it is becoming more difficult for people who have been on Instagram from the beginning to maintain their popularity. Here are some tips that will help get your posts on the explore page!

What's the Instagram explore page?

Instagram has an explore feed where all of your photos show up, both ones you've posted and ones other people have posted. The explore page shows up when you go to Instagram in search mode or if you head over there after clicking on one of those hashtags people use when they post photos. You can also find it by tapping "Explore" at the top of Instagram's app. It typically includes popular hashtags like #fashion, #beauty etc., but these change often depending on Instagram algorithm.

What are the benefits of getting your posts on the explore page?

Getting your Instagram posts on the explore page means that your Instagram photos will be seen by more people. You can also get free Instagram followers when your video posts are viewed, which is good news for users who don't want to buy Instagram likes or purchase Instagram views. This also means more comments, likes, and Instagram high engagement in general.

How does the Instagram explore page works?

The Instagram explore page is based on Instagram algorithm. This means that it changes frequently, but there are a few things you can do to increase your chances of appearing on the Instagram explore page.
For example, the more comments you get from your target audience on your posts, the more Instagram will push your relevant posts on the explore page. Instagram app also likes to see that people are actually clicking on hashtags they use, so tagging a photo of you and your friends at Disneyland with #disneyland makes Instagram very happy! Instagram is always changing things up as well, which means accounts who manage their Instagram enough to stay relevant may see more Instagram explore page exposure than accounts who haven't updated their Instagram in months.
Don't forget about shares and likes, Instagram loves Instagram photos with a lot of shares and likes because it makes Instagram look popular. Instagram also looks at the time stamp on your posts, so if you post a photo that gets more engagement quickly Instagram will likely push it to the explore page!

Who can get their Instagram posts on the explore page?

Anyone who knows how to Instagram can get Instagram posts on the explore page. You don't need new followers, you just need to post Instagram photos that people like and engage with! Instagram is great because it gives opportunities for anyone who wants them regardless of experience or popularity: all you really have to do is keep up your Instagram account and make sure not to spam.
This means Instagram users with Instagram accounts that are less than a couple of months old may want to focus on Instagram likes and Instagram shares when their account is new. Once they get more Instagram followers, Instagram engagement will be easier to come by for their best performing posts!
What does this mean for people who already have popular Instagram pages?
If you're an influencer or public figure, Instagram is likely something you're already familiar with. Instagram posts on the explore page can be a great way to get Instagram exposure for your account, especially if it's been around for awhile and isn't growing as quickly anymore. This also means that even popular Instagram users need to keep up their Instagram engagement because Instagram will start promoting accounts who have a lot of Instagram likes and Instagram shares as well as a lot of Instagram comments.

Tips to get your posts on the Instagram explore page

Don't be spammy!

If you start posting hashtags where they don't belong, Instagram will notice and might penalize you for being spammy. Instagram doesn't like spammy hashtags, and if you start posting them everywhere Instagram might put your Instagram photos in a less visible place.

Post different types of content!

If you always post selfies, Instagram will get sick of seeing your same face all the time because everyone else is doing it too. Mix up what kind of pictures you post to Instagram! Instagram prefers diversity, so post a mix of selfies, food photos, and other Instagram content.

Post at peak hours!

If you always post Instagram photos late at night or early in the morning when fewer people are using Instagram, your posts will never be seen because no one else is posting them either. According to Instagram, "The best time to post is during off-peak hours, like mid-week. This way your relevant content won't be as competition and engagement will likely increase." Instagram also says that Thursday at 12:00 pm EST is the best day of the week to post on Instagram because it's when Instagram has its highest usage so you're more likely to get Instagram exposure.

Follow Instagram accounts that are related to yours!

If you're a blogger, follow other popular Instagram users who post content about blogging or Instagram photography so your posts will get seen by more people on Instagram. If you have an account for your clothing line, follow Instagram influencers and bloggers with similar styles so they'll be interested in Instagramming your Instagram photos. If you have an Instagram business account, follow Instagram users who run businesses too so they'll be more likely to engage with your Instagram posts!

Find relevant hashtags for your post!

If you Instagram a picture of your dog and it has nothing to do with #dogs, don't hashtag it with just that. Instagram will pick up on hashtags like this and repost your Instagram photos less often because the hashtags aren't relevant! Using popular Instagram hashtags is important for getting Instagram exposure but they need to be relevant Instagram hashtags. If you want your Instagram photos to be seen by more people, use Instagram hashtags that are relevant and popular like #dogsofinstagram or #catsofinstagram for pet Instagram posts!

Tag the Instagram accounts that inspired your post!

If you just got back from a vacation in Paris and took Instagram photos there, Instagram will pick up on the location tags and repost your Instagram photo because people love Instagram travel Instagram posts! If you Instagram a selfie in front of an iconic landmark or building, tag the place so when other people search for that hashtag they'll see your post too.

Use a photo that is different from the rest of your feed!

If Instagram users always see the same Instagram photo of you from a certain angle, Instagram will start to get sick of it and stop posting your Instagram photos as often because they'll become repetitive. If you want Instagram photos to be seen by more people, post different kinds of images! Don't just Instagram selfies all day long - show other Instagram users your Instagram feed by posting Instagram photos of places you go, things you do, and other Instagram creators that inspire you.

Don't use a regram if it doesn't fit!

If all the Instagram posts in a certain hashtag are just reposted from one person's account who used an app to post them as their own Instagram photos, Instagram will stop posting that Instagram hashtag because it's just a regram and not something different. Instagram users should be tagging other Instagram creators who inspired their picture or used the #nofilter tag if they took their photo without any editing tools!
If Instagram users see the same Instagram photo posted over and over again, they'll get annoyed because it's not unique. When Instagrammers repost other people's Instagram photos without tagging them or mentioning their account in some way, those Instagram images will eventually disappear from your feed. This is why Instagram encourages original content and Instagrammers to create original content instead of reposting Instagram photos.

Clean up your Instagram feed!

If you have an Instagram account for your Instagram business, Instagram will stop reposting your Instagram photos on the explore page because it's an irrelevant Instagram hashtag. If you have a personal Instagram account, clean up your Instagram feed by deleting old posts that are too similar to new posts so Instagram users won't get bored of seeing the same thing over and over again!
The best thing you can do in this case is to have two different Instagram accounts one for personal stuff and one for Instagram business. This way Instagram can promote and share your business page with accounts interested in your product or services. Instagram users will be more likely to follow you if they see that Instagram is promoting your work.

Don't post the same Instagram photo two days in a row!

If other users see your Instagram posts on their explore page and it's exactly the same picture they saw yesterday, Instagram will stop posting that Instagrammer because it is repetitive content. If you want to make sure your photos are seen by more people, Instagram users should be Instagramming different Instagram photos! It's the same as watching the same cartoon on TV over and over again - Instagram will stop reposting your Instagram photo if you post it too many times in a row.

Focus on a topic interesting for your niche Instagram community!

If Instagram users see your Instagram posts on their explore page and it's just a person talking about something that isn't interesting, Instagram will stop posting that Instagrammer because there is no point in showing you. If you want to make sure people can find your Instagram account when they search for certain hashtags like #dogsofinstagram Instagram users should be Instagramming Instagram photos related to the same topic! Instagrammers who are posting about something they love will have more likes on their Instagram posts because other people feel connected with them.

Create an eye-catching caption

If Instagram users see your Instagram post on their explore page and it doesn't have a very interesting Instagram caption, Instagram will stop posting that Instagrammer because people won't click to learn more. If you want to make sure Instagrammers are intrigued by what you posted, they should be adding captions that draw attention! People who write good Instagram captions are Instagrammers with lots of followers because other Instagram users want to know what they have to say.

What can people who don't want to spend time on Instagram do?

There are many services that will help you get your Instagram posts on the explore page for an affordable price, which allows those with busy schedules or small marketing budgets to take advantage of all that Instagram has to offer. Instagram users don't need to worry about getting their Instagram posts on the explore page if they use any of these services!
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