Get Verified: What is the Instagram verification and how to get verified.

Get Verified: What is the Instagram verification and how to get verified.

Instagram has a verification process that allows users to get verified. Instagram verification is denoted by the blue tick on posts and it means that Instagram has confirmed the user as authentic and their account should be trusted. This Instagram blue tick does not mean that there is any affiliation with Instagram, but rather just confirms the authenticity of an Instagram post or account. To become verified on Instagram, you need at least 10k followers and your profile needs to have been public for over two months. If you want to know how to get verified on Intamin, then this blog post will tell you everything!

There are two different ways to get verified on Instagram, you can either have your account reviewed by a Verified Accountholder or submit an application.

Account review by a Verified Accountholder

To be reviewed by a Verified Account Holder is the fastest way, but it's also more expensive. The Verified Account holder review fee starts at $200, which covers the cost of reviewing your account.

This service is only offered to those with over 100k followers and it's a more expensive option because Verified Account holders are given priority access. Verified Account holders are people who have a blue tick by their name and Verification on Instagram. The Verified Account Holder reviews your account, taking into consideration the quality of posts you've shared as well as other factors such as engagement rates, impressions and so on.

Submit an application

The second way is to submit an application for verification with Instagram directly. This is a lot cheaper than Verified Account holders and does not take as long. The application process might be easier for some people who are unable to meet Instagram's requirements of having over 100k followers on an account that has been public for at least two months, but can still adhere to the other guidelines such as posting quality content regularly.

To submit an application, you need to have at least one Verified Profile as a friend and then go into the Instagram settings panel. You will see a tab for Request Verification next to your name on this page which is under Help & Support.

You'll be prompted with two options: My Account Has Been Hacked or I Need Verification. If you choose the Verification option, Instagram will guide you through this process. Once your account has been verified, it'll be a blue tick on posts that are from that profile and if someone else is viewing the post then they should see Verified Profile in their notification bar at the top of their screen.

It's important that when you submit an application through Instagram or apply for a Verified Accountholder review, your photos should be of high quality and have relevant content. Verified Accounts will not review your account if you have spam or inappropriate photos on it.

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