How to get more engagement on my Instagram account in 2021

How to get more engagement on my Instagram account in 2021

Increase your Instagram engagement

As influencers, we know that engagement is key to success. We want likes and comments on our photos and videos in order to keep the follower count high, but it's really hard to get through some days when we're not getting any of those valuable interactions. Instagram has changed its algorithm, so there is no easy way to get Instagram engagement. But don't worry! There are still some tricks we can use to get more Instagram engagement and likes.

Post more photos of your day to day life

One of the best ways to increase Instagram engagement is to post more photos of your day-to-day life and share interesting things that are happening around you.
Instagrammers tend to enjoy scrolling through an Instagram feed and seeing what other Instagram users do on a day-to-day basis. By posting more photos of yourself doing everyday things you increase your engagement because it shows that you're an active Instagram user, not somebody who just uploads photos of their product every second. Instagrammers like to see that you're just like them and post everyday things.
If you want to increase Instagram engagement, it's important to show people what you get up to in your spare time while also promoting your products/services when necessary. It's a good idea to post Instagram photos of you engaging in hobbies and other activities, preferably with your friends or family.
Instagrammers like seeing Instagrammers who share their real lives rather than Instagram users who only post about their products. By showing Instagrammers what you get up to on a day-to-day basis they will be more likely to engage with your Instagram profile and your posts.

Use hashtags in captions and in the photo's caption

Use hashtags in captions and in the photo's caption - Social Growth Engine

Have you ever noticed Instagram posts with a bunch of hashtags?
They are called "hashtag spamming", and it is considered bad Instagram etiquette.
You should only use relevant hashtags, not more than 10-15 per post.
However, that does not mean you can't add any hashtags at all! Instagram has a cool feature that allows you to add hashtags within your captions.
Using hashtags in the caption is a great way to reach Instagram users who don't follow you yet, and help Instagram suggest you when they search for related keywords.
Another key to increase Instagram engagement is by using your photo's description! Instagram has an on-image keyboard feature, so it is very easy to click on hashtags.
So make sure you don't only write hashtags in the Instagram caption, but also include them below your photo.

Tag people in Instagram photos

Another way Instagram helps to increase engagement for Instagram users is by suggesting related Instagram accounts next to each post! Whenever you tag someone on Instagram, Instagram will suggest similar accounts for the user to follow and engage with.
So always make sure you tag Instagram users who are relevant to your post! Of course, there is no need to use too many hashtags when you're tagging people in Instagram photos. Instead, try using their Instagram username and a few related hashtags so Instagram can suggest them to other Instagram users.
You can have more engagement on Instagram by using this strategy and the suggestions that Instagram offers. This will help the algorithm find your account when people search for it!

Ask people to comment on your posts with questions or comments

Instagram allows Instagram users to send Instagram posts directly from Instagram's stories.
However, Instagram users love Instagram posts that make them feel like the Instagram user behind it is talking directly to them! So if you ask your Instagram followers a question when you post, they will most likely comment on it. Even better: if you answer their comments and really talk to Instagram users, they will like and comment on your Instagram posts more.
This Instagram strategy is also really effective in increasing Instagram engagement because it makes Instagram users feel included. It especially helps when you have a small Instagram following and want to build a community of Instagram users who follow your account!

Beat Instagram algorithm by posting at different times throughout the week, not just when you have time

Many Instagram users are actually on Instagram all day long! Instagram's algorithm takes this into account and shows Instagram posts to Instagram users whenever they would most likely want to see it.
Therefore, Instagram engagement is highest during a certain time of day. Asking your Instagram followers when they engage with Instagram posts most will result in different answers depending on your Instagram following.
If you have a big Instagram following, Instagram engagement will be highest during the morning and in the evening, when most Instagram users are on Instagram! However, if you have a smaller Instagram following, Instagram engagement might fluctuate throughout the day.
This is why it is important to first post at different times of day instead of at the same time every day. Then, when you notice Instagram engagement is highest at a certain time of day, make sure you post Instagram content at that time! People might not have time to engage with Instagram posts during work hours, but they do during lunch breaks or after work/school - so be prepared by posting Instagram content then!

Follow other accounts that are similar to yours 

Follow other accounts that are similar to yours - Social Growth Engine 
Instagram has an Instagram algorithm that Instagram users don't see. Instagram's algorithm takes many things into account such as: the Instagram photos you like, Instagram accounts you follow and Instagram stories you watch.
But one of the most important Instagram factors to consider when Instagram shows Instagram photos is whether or not it thinks the Instagram user will be interested in the Instagram photo.
Instagram considers Instagram photos from Instagram accounts that are similar to Instagram accounts you follow! Instagram will also consider Instagram photos from Instagram users who like the same Instagram photos as you do.
This means that if you don't follow any other Instagram accounts that are similar to yours, your Instagram engagement might decrease since there is less chance Instagram will show Instagram photos from Instagram accounts similar to yours.
But the inverse is also true: Instagram engagement might increase if you follow Instagram accounts that are similar to yours!

Instagram stories, the secret weapon to increase your engagement rate!

Instagram stories is Instagram's latest feature. Instagram stories allows Instagram users to post Instagram photos or Instagram videos that only last for 24 hours.
However, one of the biggest secrets about Instagram is that Instagram doesn't show Instagram posts in chronological order! Instagram shows Instagram posts based on how interesting it thinks you will find them instead.
If Instagram users engage with Instagram posts, Instagram's algorithm will take that Instagram information into account when Instagram decides what Instagram posts to show you.
In other words: Instagram engagement is the most important factor in deciding whether or not Instagram shows to Instagram users!

Taking your Instagram engagement rate to the next level!

Taking your Instagram engagement rate to the next level! - Social Growth Engine 
To get more Instagram followers, you need to post more often and use the right hashtags. The key is to engage with your audience by asking questions or comments in each of your posts; if they don’t ask anything back, try posting at a different time during the week when there may be less competition for people's attention. And lastly, follow other accounts that are similar to yours so that their following will see your account and vice versa! If all this feels overwhelming or like too much work? We can help you grow any Instagram account quickly through our products tailored just for social media marketers. Check out what we offer today!
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