Instagrams November Announcement: Removing Fake Followers & Likes

Tech Media outlets began reporting Instagram was to knuckle down on Third Party applications and fake followers and fake likes.

What GREAT News !!

Instagram has always removed fake profiles, however you could still go and buy 10,000 followers For $99. The crackdown actually began months ago but only in certain regions.

It's focused on accounts that buy likes and followers, including services such as power likes. It's also focussed on third party cloud based app's.

The Instagram Growth Engine is not at risk of coming under fire for a number of reasons.

Firstly the growth is performed through the Instagram App, Secondly our elite network of login locations means the city and location we log in from is close to the login location of the account holder, and finally our growth is Organic, we do not inject fakes or fake likes.

What we do is GROWTH ACTIONS - that is what you’re paying for (not fake followers, or likes) and that is how we get you organic followers that are real and genuine.

Instagram is only interested in removing the large number of fake profiles, and those injecting likes to increase their reach.

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