Posting Every Day on Instagram: Pros and Cons

Posting Every Day on Instagram: Pros and Cons

 Posting Every Day on Instagram: Pros and Cons

How often should you post on Instagram?

This is a question many people ask themselves when they are starting their Instagram account. Load a post everyday might seem like the right answer, but this could actually be hurting your follower count and engagement rate. If you want to get more likes and comments on each photo, it might be better to post less than once per day. In this article, we will discuss both the advantages and disadvantages of posting every day on Instagram!
The posting frequency is completely up to you, but here are the pros and cons of posting every day on Instagram.

Pros of posting every day on Instagram

Content creation for Instagram is time consuming and takes a lot of effort but the good news is that if you do it right, it might be worth the effort! It all comes down to how you post and the content quality you post. These are some of the benefits you can get by posting every day on Instagram.
You post your best photos of the moment
If you post only one photo per day, each post will be special for your followers! They know that they can look forward to a new quality picture in their Instagram feed every day and this might make them more likely to engage with your social media posts.

You can build a consistent audience

When you post every day on Instagram, your followers will know when they go to your profile that they will find new photos or videos there. This is great because if someone follows multiple accounts, they will follow yours if it is the account that posts more frequently instead of the accounts that post weekly or that share personal stuff.

Increases your brand awareness 

When you post every day and use quality content, people will start recognizing your brand! They might be more likely to buy into it if they already know your Instagram account. This should be part of the social media marketing strategy of every small business that is just starting out on Instagram or large companies looking to gain followers or build their online presence.
Keeps followers interested in what you post by staying top of mind
When you post every day on Instagram, it is like your account stays top of mind for people. Your audience will be reminded about who you are and what type of content they can expect from you even when there is a small gap between two active periods. This might make them more likely to engage with past posts or future ones! But of course, the best thing you can do is to stay consistent.

Cons of posting every day on Instagram

More posts are not always better.

Even though posting every day on Instagram can have some benefits, this doesn't mean it is the best approach for everyone. Here are some of the disadvantages you might experience when posting too much on your social platforms!

Low engagement

If you post too much on Instagram, people might not want to engage with your content. This is because they see that you post all the time and it seems like this type of post has lost its value for them or it doesn't interest them anymore! You can avoid low engagement by posting less often than daily but still posting consistently so people don't forget about you.

You post a lot of pictures that look the same

People can get used to your content after seeing it for a while and this might make them less likely to like or comment your posts! You should post new photos or videos as often as possible but keep in mind not all followers will be interested in each post

You post a lot of mediocre content just to post every day

This is something that I have done in the past, but it doesn't work! Just to keep posting regularly you will end up posting low-quality photos or things like Instagram stories without value to your followers because when you want to create more content you end posting these types of pictures or stories that don't get the attention of your followers.

Too many pictures flooding your followers' feed

Posting every day can be very overwhelming for other Instagram users who want to stay up-to-date with what you post or your followers can get tired of the content you share, specially if it doesn't add value to their lives, consider this, you will never get to a million followers posting low-quality content even if you post 3-5 times a day, when creating your social media marketing strategy choose quality over cuantity.
If your post is not interesting enough, it might make people scroll past without even looking at the post. This means that you lost a follower or someone who will never follow you because they saw your post but it didn't interest them!

No room for special content

If you post every day, there can be no room for post that are not daily like the updates you post every other day, monthly, weekly etc. If this is something your audience likes to see then consider posting less often than daily so you still have time to post these types of posts
You could consider create carousel posts with more information that one image, by doing this you would get more engagement and save time as you could produce fewer posts but with more information.

How to create Instagram posts more often on Instagram without getting burned out or bored with it  

Now that you've read the post, it is time to get started! Here are some of my best advice for creating social media posts for your Instagram feed more often without getting burned out or bored with it.

Post quality photos only

 Post quality photos only
This goes back to what I mentioned in a previous section, post high-quality content and don't post mediocre things just because you post every day!
Post content that makes sense to your brand or targeted audience  If you post only photos of kittens, people will get bored and unfollow your account because it doesn't add value to their feed. You should post things according to the interests of your followers to increase engagement rates and avoid loosing more people.

Take a break

If you post every day for a while and you get burned out, take a break! You don't have to post anything at all. Every so often it's good to just stop posting because what usually ends up happening is that people unfollow your account when they see mediocre things over and over again. Just stop one day and wait for a post that is worth sharing!

Post at the same time every day

This way, your followers know when to expect new content from you. You can post it around lunchtime if you want to take advantage of people being out for work or during dinner hours so they're catching up on their feed after eating. If there are specific times that you post, this makes it easier for people to engage with your posts and build a relationship!
Your turn: let's chat about how often you post on Instagram in the comments below! I want to hear what everyone thinks so we can really get some good ideas from each other.  I'm excited to read them!

Post regularly: the magic formula to grow your Instagram account

 Post regularly: the magic formula to grow your Instagram account
If you are struggling to grow your account, post regularly is the best advice that I can give you! You should try to post every day or several times a week depending on how active your account is. This post has some tips and tricks for posting more often without it becoming overwhelming, so make sure you check this out before continuing with Instagram posts every other day.
The key to success on Instagram is consistency. But, if you’re not posting every day it may be time for a change of strategy. Our team at Social Growth Engine can help make sure your account has the engagement and visibility it needs with our various packages that include likes, story views, impressions, followers and profile visits for your Instagram account. Check out all our services at where we offer monthly pricing starting as low as $50/month (depending on package).
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