What Is Twitter Analytics and How It Works

What Is Twitter Analytics and How It Works

Twitter Analytics is a Twitter-specific analytics tool that allows you to see your Twitter growth in action. Twitter Analytics gives you the ability to set up and monitor specific metrics such as impressions, reach, follower growth, favorites, and retweets on Twitter. It also shows how many people clicked through from an external link to Twitter.

Twitter Analytics has made it easier for businesses and social media managers like yourself to keep track of your marketing efforts on Twitter without having to use multiple tools or spend hours analyzing data every day.

With this new technology at your fingertips, there's no excuse not to be successful with Twitter marketing!

How to use your Twitter analytics dashboard

Twitter Analytics is very easy to set up and learn. After Twitter has verified your account, you're ready to go!

You can access Twitter Analytics by clicking on the "Analytics" tab at the top of your Twitter profile page. Once you have accessed Twitter analytics there are two things that you need to do in order for it to work properly:

Number one: Twitter Analytics requires a Twitter Ads account in order for the ads running metric to function correctly.

Number two: You need at least two Twitter Analytics metrics enabled. Twitter Analytics allows you to track up to 30 different metrics, but for a business Twitter account running ads, it's best to only track Twitter Analytics metrics that are relevant to you.

Understanding your Tweet activity with graphs

Twitter Analytics shows Twitter growth trends over time, and Twitter has made it easier to understand with the use of graphs. There are multiple different types of Twitter Analytics graphs that you can use for different Twitter metrics.

For example, if you want to track Twitter impressions and reach over time Twitter Analytics has a Twitter Analytics graph called "Impressions" that you can use. You'll notice the difference in growth over time by seeing how many Twitter impressions your Twitter handle has received over time.

Creating a custom report

Understanding your data with graphs Social Growth Engine

Twitter Analytics allows you to create Twitter custom reports for different Twitter accounts. Custom Twitter Analytics Reports are perfect for Twitter marketing managers, agencies, and businesses that manage Twitter accounts for multiple Twitter handles. Instead of having to check each Twitter Analytics metric daily, you are able to see a weekly or monthly report that displays the Twitter metrics you want!

You can also create a Twitter Custom Report from either the "Home" or "All" tab in Twitter analytics and go into more detail on each individual metric! Once you've created your report, it will be saved in Twitter Analytics for easy access!

Use Twitter Analytics to measure the success of a campaign or event

Using Twitter Analytics to measure the success of a campaign or event - Social Growth Engine


Twitter Analytics is a Twitter-specific analytics tool that helps you measure Twitter growth, impressions, and engagement. It also allows you to track your Twitter advertising success with the use of Twitter Ads Analytics!

One way to see how successful an event or campaign was on Twitter through Twitter Analytics is by setting up custom reports for different campaigns. For example, if you were tweeting about a Twitter contest you could set up specific Twitter Analytics metrics to track for that Twitter campaign. You'd want to make sure the custom Twitter report is displaying "Favorites" and "Retweets". Then, after the Twitter analytics are completed on your reports, you'll be able to see how successful each of your tweets from Twitter Ads were and how many Twitter impressions they received.

Using analytics is a great way for businesses that are constantly tweeting about different topics to keep track of what's working best for their account. For Twitter users, Twitter Analytics can help you keep track of what's working best for your Twitter handle. Twitter-specific analytics are great if you're running Twitter ads or using Twitter to market something.

Skyrocket your Twitter account

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