How Youtube's Algorithm Works: Tips to Make Your Video Go Viral

How Youtube's Algorithm Works: Tips to Make Your Video Go Viral

Youtube is the second most popular search engine in the world, and it's not hard to see why. Youtube has a huge reach with over 1 billion users who watch billions of hours of videos every day. Youtube also has an algorithm that determines what order videos are shown to people when they're searching Youtube or browsing through Youtube's homepage. This blog post will outline how this algorithm works, and give tips for making your Youtube video go viral!


Youtube's algorithm measures the popularity of a video by taking into account likes, comments, views and shares. Youtube will show videos that have more engagement to people who are visiting Youtube or on Youtube's homepage than other less popular videos. Youtube also uses these metrics to determine what Youtube recommends for viewers, which is why people often see recommended videos from Youtube's algorithm. Finally, Youtube will also show videos that have the same or similar keywords in the title, tags, and descriptions to a video someone is searching Youtube for.


- Titles are also very important to the algorithm because they will show up in searches on Youtube or when browsing Youtube's homepage. When coming up with creative titles, try to be descriptive and catchy so Youtube's algorithm will be more likely to show your video! Youtube also has a feature called Youtube Explore, which shows people videos they would like based on what Youtube thinks they'll be interested in. If you want Youtube to know more about your video and how it relates to other popular content, make sure that Youtube can find your video by making sure the title is descriptive and using tags!

Valuable content

Youtube also has a section of the website for trending Youtube videos, which are often determined by the number of views they have. If you want to make sure your Youtube content is seen, consider making high-quality Youtube videos that people will view or live streaming on Youtube. When you're publishing content that can help people in some way or fulfill their needs, it's more likely for Youtube to show this video because Youtube wants users to find what they need as quickly as possible.

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