The Rise of the Youtube Gaming Channels: a Guide for Beginners

The Rise of the Youtube Gaming Channels: a Guide for Beginners

The Rise of the Youtube Gaming Channels: a Guide for Beginners

 The Rise of the Youtube Gaming Channels: a Guide for Beginners - Social Growth Engine
Gamming channels have become a popular topic in recent years. The rise of these YouTube Gamer Channels has been so dramatic that it is difficult to find an article written about them that doesn't mention PewDiePie, the most subscribed Youtuber in history. In this article, we will explore how Youtube Gammer Channels are becoming more and more popular and what you need to do to start your own channel.
First of all, Youtube Gaming Channels are not reserved only for games like the ones on Playstation or Xbox. Youtube allows anyone who is willing to follow certain steps that we will explain later in this article, to create their own channel where they can upload videos about any type of game they want. A Youtube Gamer Channel could be created by someone who plays Minecraft for instance or someone who has a Youtube Channel about PC games.
In fact, Youtube Gaming Channels are not the only Youtube channels that feature video games. There is also another type of Youtuber called "Let's Players" which includes people like Markiplier and JackSepticEye, two of the most famous ones.
Let's Players are Youtube users who record themselves playing video games and comment on them, usually with humoristic or witty comments about the game they're playing. The concept is not that different from a Youtube Gammer Channel but there is one important particularity: Let's Players rarely edit their videos; this means that you will be watching someone play a videogame from start to finish. Youtube Gamer Channels instead often edit their videos and include different sections of gameplay, so you can watch a specific part when they defeat a difficult level for instance, or share some amazing moment in the game like an easter egg that makes it fun even if you don't care about playing the same game.
So, Youtube Gamer Channels are perfect if you don't want to have to worry about editing your videos, but it can take a lot of time and effort which is not for everyone. Youtube lets anyone who wants to start their own channel without any experience or previous knowledge about how recording gameplay works. Here are the steps that will allow you to create your Gaming Channel:

Create an account on Youtube

The first thing you need to do to create a Gaming Channel is to create an account on Youtube. This means that you will need a Google Account, which could be the same one you use for Gmail or other services provided by Google.

Create your channel

Once you have created your Youtube account and logged in with it, go to Youtube's Homepage, then click "Upload" at the top of the page, then "Create your Youtube Channel".

Create the perfect name for your Youtube channel and logo

Choose a name for your channel and type it. While you are typing in the name, Youtube will generate some suggestions about other channels that share similar names to make sure you don't choose something already taken or completely irrelevant with what you want to do on YouTube. When creating a new account, Youtube also allows you to upload a logo for your channel. You can create one yourself or choose an image available on Google's G+ account which is linked within the website, but it must be square and with either 16:16, 16:09, or 12:11 ratio.

Fill in information about your channel

Once you have picked a name and uploaded a logo for your channel, you will need to indicate the type of content that you plan on uploading. Youtube offers three different types:
- Gaming Channel - Uploading videos about videogames is probably what most people want when they start their own channel so this choice makes it easy for gamers as well as those who don't know how to edit videos
- Entertainment Channel - If you want to upload something different than video games, this is the option for you. Youtube lets anyone who wants to create their own channel start one so if there are people out there interested in creating channels about cooking or dance, they could choose this type of channel instead.
- Education Channel - The third type of channel that can be created is about education. This could include anything from uploading tutorials to create your own videogames, learning how to play an instrument, or simply upload videos related to topics you are studying in University.

Load new videos consistently

In order to make your Gaming Channel grow, you need to upload videos regularly. Try uploading at least once a week and see how it goes from thereon. Make sure that the type of content you are uploading is consistent with what people who follow your channel could expect from you: if they subscribed because they want to watch games being played by you, don't suddenly upload a video about how to play the guitar.

Maintain your channel and interact with subscribers

Once you start uploading content on Youtube consistently, it is important that you respond as fast as possible to comments left by people who subscribed to see your videos. This will show them that they are not just numbers or statistics for marketing purposes.

Join and create Gaming communities on

If you want to know what other people are doing on Youtube, one of the best places is by looking at their comments. There are also some gaming channels that have created communities where they talk about video games and upload videos with each other - for example, Yogscast does this quite often. This can be a great way to learn more about the Youtube gaming world.
Youtube Gaming Channels are a great way to share your passion for video games with people around the globe while earning money at the same time!

Why are Youtube gaming videos so popular?

Why are Youtube gaming videos so popular? - Girl playing video games
Having a successful Youtube Gaming Channel is becoming more popular for various reasons. For one, the Partner Program offers financial stability to people looking to share their passion for video games with people around the world. And secondly, networking within gaming communities is just more common on Youtube, making it easier for new Gamer channels to get noticed and rising up in rank faster than if they had started on different social media outlets.
Additionally, YTPs are starting to become an art form in itself since some gamers have started making short movies that can be watched in less than 5 minutes (essentially mini-movies). We're able to see things like graphics reaching perfection with current technology; gameplay structures that boast hours of game time fitting neatly into a few minutes; and even some pretty spectacular story-telling.

What is the Youtube Partner Program?

The Partner Program (YPP) offers financial stability to people who upload videos on a regular basis, get lots of views and are able to interact with their subscribers. Youtube gives the YPP members a cut of the advertising revenue that is generated when people watch or click on their ads, which appear before or during certain videos. This means you get paid for doing what you love!

What kind of videos can I upload?

There are different types of Youtube Gaming videos that can be created, depending on what your goals are. The three most popular types are:

1. Gaming tutorials

Gaming tutorials - console controls
If people want to learn how to play video games, they can search for Youtube videos that give instructions on how to do so.

2. Let's Play videos

These are videos where you play a videogame while adding your own commentary, like if you were watching TV.

3. Stories

You can share the story of a complete videogame with your subscribers, which will help you rank higher and gain more views.

What do I need to create Youtube gaming videos?

In order to create Youtube gaming videos, you need a few things:
- A good quality camera with preferably two different lenses (one for close-ups and another one for wide shots) - Having visuals is really important since people want to see what's going on. If your video can't be understood without sound or text, it won't be as popular.
- Editing software (iMovie for iOS is recommended) - This allows you to edit the order of scenes, add music, and add visual effects to your videos.
- Good lighting - If you're recording indoors, use the natural light that comes in through a window. For outdoors, bring along some lamps or sunny weather!
- A videogame console (preferably Xbox) - You'll need this to actually play the game while also being able to record it.
- A headset - This will allow you to communicate with your subscribers via Youtube live chat, which is really important since they'll be able to ask questions while watching the video! You can also use this for streaming if that's something you're interested in doing.

What other equipment do I need?

If you're looking to get more serious about your Youtube gaming videos, there are a few things that will help:

A computer with good processing power

You'll need this in order to make the editing process go by faster and smoother since Youtube requires videos of a certain length/resolution/frame rate etc.

A green screen

This allows you to replace the background in a video or image using software like Adobe After Effects or Apple's iMovie. You'll need this if you want to create custom backdrops for virtual sets, or if you want to create videos that take place in a different setting.

A studio light kit

This will allow you to film indoor interviews and gameplay footage with good lighting that is adjustable depending on the situation. If you're filming outdoors, a reflector can help a lot since sunlight comes from many angles!

A screen capture software

This is important if you want to record your computer screen and show people how to play video games. A good example is OBS (Open Broadcaster Software).

Step by step to create awesome gaming videos

Screen record your game

This is the first step if you want to create Let's Play videos!
Find a game that is graphically intensive and has good audio. Using your screen capture software record the first 15 minutes of gameplay on your console, making sure it gives you high-quality audio (stereo sound). Then record another video with commentary over the footage using screen capture software like OBS or Nvidia Shadowplay.

Editing in post-production

Now that you have all the raw footage, it's time to edit it!
Import your video into editing software and start putting together a storyline. You can record small clips of gameplay or even use cutaways (video or images recorded separately). Add music and sound effects in order to make the product more professional and impactful! Save your final video and upload it onto Youtube.

Load the video and prepare the premier of your gaming videos!

Make sure you click on the settings cog and go to advanced. Then choose monetization, then partners program (if that's something you're interested in). This allows Youtube to show ads before your video starts playing which is how they'll be able to pay you out once you reach $100! You can also use the annotation feature to place links at the end of your videos which you can promote across other social media platforms.

Schedule the premier of your video!

If you want to make your video go viral, it's important that other people see it! Make a schedule and advertise the release of your videos on all social media platforms. This will help with generating buzz around your channel which will encourage more subscribers in the future!

Interact with your subscribers

Now that your video is live, make sure you interact with your subscribers!
This can be done in a variety of ways. You can choose to answer questions on the Youtube platform, or even do live streams where your viewers get to ask you questions while watching the video being streamed in real-time. It's important that if someone asks something about what they just watched, reply back in a timely manner so that they feel important and appreciated!
Make sure you also reply to your viewer's comments on the video, private messages, and even social media comments. This will help build a community around your Youtube channel which can generate more interest in future videos!

Managing a successful Youtube gaming channel

 Managing a successful Youtube gaming channel
Creating a Youtube channel is one of the best ways to share your passion for video games with other gamers. The more interactive and engaging you are, the more likely it will be that people will subscribe to your channel! However, there's still such thing as too much engagement so make sure not to overdo it, or else you may seem desperate. If this sounds like something you want help starting up or growing, feel free to contact us at Social Grow Engine who can offer assistance in creating a successful gaming Youtube Channel!
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