Like Block

So you received a message, "Action Blocked"? Firstly, don’t stress! 

Your account is not in danger. With 2000+ accounts we manage we are yet to see an account blocked, suspended or restricted.

We have discussed the recent updates with Instagram and they advise that they recently updated all accounts trust scores and are restricting the level of activity based on an accounts trust score.

The good news? We are working on the solution by introducing a new procedure to determine an accounts score and adjust the activity to suit, then we grow this activity over time. In this way we will actually be helping you improve your trust score with Instagram, which will reward your account in the future.

Not only will you be less likely to run into an action block, but you will also earn better reach and engagement as time goes by and your trust score improves. The actions we take to improve your account score is as follows... firstly, we stop for 2.5 days with any liking, then when we start again we only start at 80% of the original likes. Finally, we perform 50% of the likes first, then follow. If the like block comes back we do this again to find the like block limit on your account (it’s different on every account).

There is nothing you need to do, we will handle it all for you. Please just bear with us while we roll out these updates!