The WAR on Fakes continues, as the Instagram PURGE goes into FULL Swing

There was a time when losing Instagram followers was a pretty unusual occurrence.
Everyone was on this nice gradual upward trajectory, and growth was simply a matter of how quickly, and how relevant those followers were to our eventual goals.

Then everything changed.

A few weeks ago Instagram announced a war on fake accounts and accounts purely setup to run bots (Think going and buying 1000 "Real" followers).  The first implementation of this was the reduction in the amount of activity an account could do in a day (Known on Instagram as the "Like Block" & "Action Block".

Overnight (13th Feb 2019) Instagram removed MILLIONS of fake accounts, bot accounts, and otherwise explicit accounts.  Which is great, since removing the network of fake accounts means your content will be seen more often in feeds of real users.

So the outcome is to not stress if your account saw 100,200,300 disappear overnight as this affected about 35% of all accounts on Instagram.

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